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Leroy-Somer, a subsidiary of Nidec, is the world specialist
in alternators and electromechanical and electronic drive systems.

The company offers you the opportunity to grow and evolve
in an international group manufacturer of high quality technical products.

With more than 7,000 employees, including 3,000 in France, the group owns 32 industrial sites worldwide and realizes 1 Billion € of turnover

Work experience
Product environmental footprint

16000 Angoulême
Sillac siège

Mission and objectives

NIDEC Corporation group is aiming for carbon neutrality by 2040. Within the group, Moteurs Leroy-Somer is carrying out major work to improve its factories (improving logistics flows, reducing energy consumption).

To complement this approach, in response to requests from our customers and to initiate an eco-design process, we need to assess the environmental impact of the products we manufacture.

The employee's role will be to carry out the product life cycle analysis (LCA) required for this assessment.

Working within the Product Marketing department, he or she will be assisted by the company's various experts and will have to manage the work of an external consultancy that will be supporting us in this process.

Expected results at the end of the internship period:

1. Carry out the life cycle analysis (LCA) of the selected products (synchronous and asynchronous electric motors, alternators)

2. Monitor the publication and certification of the LCAs to ensure international validity and recognition (EPD sheets, Environmental Product Declaration)

3. To draw up a detailed process for achieving the above objectives, in order to understand the mechanisms, disseminate and easily replicate the approach for other product families within the NIDEC group.

Secondary objective :

4. To qualify a software solution enabling a technical/economic/environmental assessment of the products designed and manufactured.


Grade : Bac +5
Training :
Competences :

Technical: Interest in and knowledge of electrical machines. Understanding of the company's manufacturing processes.

Communication: Contacting people to collect input data and managing the work of an external design office.

Organisation: Structuring information.

Ability to summarise: Writing up the process and capitalising on knowledge.

Holder of a driving licence.

Duration : 6 months
Perquisite : Internal fee schedule depending on the duration of the work experience and level of study
Information :

Julien MOREAU - Products management

Reference : S000313
Leroy-Somer Moteurs electriques et alternateurs