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Leroy-Somer, a subsidiary of Nidec, is the world specialist
in alternators and electromechanical and electronic drive systems.

The company offers you the opportunity to grow and evolve
in an international group manufacturer of high quality technical products.

With more than 7,000 employees, including 3,000 in France, the group owns 32 industrial sites worldwide and realizes 1 Billion € of turnover

Work experience

Sillac siège

Mission and objectives

Energy efficiency is nowadays an increasingly
important criterion ,important in the design of
electrical energy conversion chains industrial.
Wide-gap semiconductors (SiC and GaN) exhibit a
very interesting solution for improving the yield
and density of power of static converters.
In this context, we offer an internship of at least
six months on the design of a switching power
supply based on discrete SiC components.
This power supply must be integrated into high power variable speed drives
with harsh environmental conditions.

-Choose the power supply architecture
-Sizing of the various power supply components (mosfet
SiC, transformer, dissipator,…)
- take Consideration of thermal stress in the design of
the SMPS
-validation of the design with simulations
and experimental tests


Grade : Bac +5
Training : Engineering school or a Master 2 specialized in electrical engineering
Competences :

Coming from an engineering school or a Master 2 ,
specialized in electrical engineering with
in-depth knowledge of power electronics and switching
power supplies,you are autonomous and strong in proposals.
You master the software (LTspice, PSIM, etc.),
EMC knowledge in PCB routing is required.

Duration : 4 to 6 month
Perquisite : Internal fee schedule depending on the duration of the work experience and level of study
Information :

Jean-Marc PETILLON 0680418115

Damien Pauleau :

Bilel Zaidi:

Reference : S000315
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