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Ref: S000294 - 02/02/2022 Statistical models of the characteristics of magnetic sheets Site : ANGOULÊME

Establish statistical models of the characteristics
of magnetic laminations which will be made
available to designers of electrical machines.

From the magnetic, mechanical & chemical characteristics
of the batches of magnetic sheets received at Nidec
(over the last few years) : establish the statistical
distributions associated with each of the characteristics
according to the grades and the suppliers then update
the types identified in the Nidec specification.
Establish the most appropriate distribution laws for
the context
Establish the laws of polarization (field),
losses (polarization) and associated dispersions
from measurements taken, statistical data and
estimated values ​​of polarization at saturation
(depending on the chemical composition)
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Ref: S000287 - 01/07/2022 Design and Study of a 6kVA inverter based on SiC components and integrated into an asynchronous motor Site : ANGOULÊME

Energy efficiency is nowadays an increasingly important criterion in the design of industrial electrical energy conversion chains. Large gap semiconductors (SiC and GaN) present a very interesting solution for improving the efficiency and power density of static converters.

In this context, we offer a four to six month internship on the design of a 6kVA three-phase inverter based on discrete SiC components, integrated in an asynchronous machine. The student trainee will be integrated into a multidisciplinary R&D team and will participate in the theoretical study as well as the experimental validation of the results

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Ref: S000278 - 10/11/2021 Social networks communication and content marketing intern Site : ANGOULÊME

With the support of the Communication Manager, you will progressively take charge of the creation and broadcast of content towards the customers and prospects. You will also have the responsibility to establish and maintain a consistent editorial line.

For this position with strong international and collaborative dimensions, we are looking for a person comfortable in written and oral communication, with enthusiasm to contribute to the voice and tone of our company and translate our achievements in memorable communications.

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